Development Prospect and Trend Analysis of Automotive Brake Pad Market

The production demand of automobile industry drives the rapid development of automobile brake pads. In recent years, China's automobile brake pad Market has grown rapidly, from 6.666 billion yuan in 2010 to 29.415 billion yuan in 2017, with an average compound annual growth rate of 23.36%.

With the continuous growth of car ownership in China, the production and sales of brake pads are also increasing year by year. Brake pads are in great demand. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology predicts that China's car ownership will reach 200 million by 2020, and this growth rate will also drive the synchronous development of brake pad enterprises. It has to be said that this will be a new opportunity for the development of the brake pad industry as a whole.

1. Lightweight trend

The development of vehicle technology has greatly promoted the upgrading of friction materials. The lightweight of the whole vehicle needs the lightweight of all parts, and the brake pad is no exception. Therefore, the future goal is to reduce the weight of friction pad by about 40%. The existing steel backplane can be replaced by aluminum backplane or synthetic backplane. At the same time, the development of customized products to minimize braking brake brake brake delay can effectively improve fuel economy. At present, copper-free friction materials have become the mainstream trend due to stricter environmental regulations.

2. Trends in High Performance Friction Materials

The rapid development of automobile also brings the development of friction material technology and market. For example, new energy vehicles put forward different requirements for braking systems, such as the need for longer service life of friction materials, noise control, further reducing emissions to avoid direct and indirect pollution, etc. When using friction material for basic braking, the low usage of traditional braking system will affect the safety factor, such as the inability to remove the absorbed moisture, the corrosion of the brake lining, etc. Because of the "sleep" of the brake lining, the friction coefficient is easy to decrease.

In the future, the commercialization of friction discs and the braking scheme without friction discs will become an inevitable trend. With the development of thermoelectricity, shape memory alloys, nanofibers and smart materials, friction materials will exhibit more excellent properties, such as thermal-electrical conversion, thermal deformation recovery, polymer improving mechanical properties, smart material combination eliminating high noise, etc.

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